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December Playlist: My Favorite Songs from this Month!

It’s definitely been a long time since I’ve written a post for this blog, but I am definitely hoping to be more active this upcoming year! When thinking of a good post to create after my long hiatus, my first thought was another music playlist post. These posts are truly one of my favorites to create as I love finding music and love sharing them with others even more! I hope to create a master list of my top songs from this year so stay tuned for that in the coming weeks as well!


Consequences- orchestra // Camila Cabello 

This song was my first find for the month and for my playlist. I had heard this song on a few occasions before from my friends, but truly found it myself and fell in love with it this month. While I typically tend to gravitate to much more upbeat songs for my playlists, I loved how raw and calming this song was and was definitely something I found to be on repeat many times this month!


All I Want For Chrismas Is You // Trap City 

If you know me at all, you’d know I absolutely love Christmas music! Despite the fact that I’m Jewish, I listen to Christmas bops starting on November 1st all the way up until January 1st. I first heard this song in one of Hannah Meloche’s Vlogmas videos. After an unsuccessful attempt of trying to Shazam over the part where it had played and run through a good 100 comments below the video, this song was nowhere to be found. In a later video of her’s, I was successfully able to locate the album for this song and have since been obsessed. I absolutely love the cover of this classic Christmas hit as well as the remix to the music. While Christmas may be over for this year, I definitely recommend giving this one a listen for next year’s Christmas party!


Why Did You Do That? // Lady Gaga (A Star Is Born) 

I was definitely late to the ‘A Star Is Born’ trend and just now saw this movie over my Winter Break. There was definitely a lot of buzz to the movie but I actually walked into the theater without knowing the plot or anything about the film I was going to see. While the movie was phenomenal, so was the music! I’m very particular about my country music but I did add one song to my playlist. “Why Did You Do That?” was a song played by Lady Gaga from a performance in the movie that I went out of my way to look up as I enjoyed listening to it that much! I definitely listened to this song several times after watching this movie and it’s definitely my favorite song from this album!


Blood // Water  // grandson

This winter break I’ve gotten the chance to relax and watch some Netflix, one of those shows being Riverdale. I absolutely love the unique aesthetic the show has from the music to the lighting, everything is so well done! I found this song in one of the episodes and loved the vibe of it. It definitely reminded me of the show and was something I enjoyed listening to at the end of the month!

San Francisco // Galantis + Sofia Carson

While I only found this song about two days ago, it’s safe to say I’m completely obsessed! I found this via in Instagram Story and it’s been on repeat ever since. I’m a huge fan of Galantis and this particular style of music so it’s safe to say I’ll be listening to this one in 2019!


Honorable Mentions: 

Party on the West Coast – Matoma

No Roots – Alice Merton

Jump – Lupe Fiasco

Tequilawine – Olivia O’Brien

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How to Have the Best Freshman Year of College!

Hi all,


On today’s post, I’m going to be talking about college and how to have the best experience possible! In about a week, I’ll be going into my sophomore year and I can hardly wait! College can definitely be scary and it’s also a huge transition. It’s super easy to get homesick or overwhelmed off the bat, but I’m going to share a few of my tips with you today on how to maximize your opportunities and memories on campus!


Get Involved

As cliché as it sounds, this is honestly the #1 tip I would recommend! By joining different clubs or organizations on campus you have the opportunity to engage yourself as well as meet and network with others. If your university is anything like mine, you’ll have the opportunity to join whatever club you please, depending on your major, hobbies, and interests! My college has an annual fair where all the clubs set up booths and will be able to inform students on what their organization is, as well as when they meet etc., you can also put down your information to stay in contact with them! This is an awesome opportunity no matter what year you are, to maybe find an activity you may not have even known existed. In my freshman year, I got involved with Greek Life, as well as an organization related to my major, and a few other clubs focused on leadership and volunteering. You are definitely not tied down to any clubs you join, so if you find it’s not for you, you can always look for something else!

Be Prepared

While college doesn’t necessarily mean starting your whole life over as some may make it seem, you are moving into a completely new place and are going to need a lot. Considering most freshman don’t have cars on campus or the best means of transportation, it’s always best to be prepared and make a list of everything you may need in advance. Sometimes it’s always the little things like a thermometer or some tape (speaking from experience here!!), that you won’t realize you’re in dire need of until it’s too late.


Don’t Overpack

While it’s good to be prepared, make sure you don’t bring your entire life to your college dorm room! If you’re anything like me, I feel the need to bring EVERYTHING even if it’s just for a weekend trip. When packing for college, I’m pretty sure I ended up bringing almost every high school t-shirt I owned, which I can safely say was a huge mistake! Keep in mind that you’ll still be coming back home, and it’s perfectly okay to leave things behind for you to revisit or use during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. By bringing everything to college with you, it’ll only make it a huge pain when moving in and moving out of your dorm.


Set Goals for Yourself

College is a fresh start and that means it can go any way you choose. For me, I wasn’t entirely proud of my grades in high school and made it a goal of mine to have good grades this year. I can proudly say I made it on the Dean’s List this semester, but it definitely was the motivation I had that got me there. Whether you write it down, make a mental note, or tell a close friend, goals are super important and it definitely sets the tone for how you want the year to go, no matter what grade you’re in.


Familiarize Yourself with Campus

Unlike high school, your classes won’t all be in the same building. If your campus is anything like mine, you might have classes 20 minutes away from each other! After you’ve moved in, consider taking a look at your schedule and walking through where each building/room is, as well as how long it takes to get there. By planning ahead, you’ll be able to know how much time you need to a lot each morning and it will definitely take off any extra stress you may have for the very first week.


College is definitely not as scary as it seems, and just takes a little adjusting! I hope my tips help you out this year!


xo, e.

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July 2018 Playlist: My Favorite Songs This Month

Hi Loves!

Another month has come and gone, and for me, that means another Spotify playlist is in the books. Since my junior year of high school, I have made playlists each month where I would add any and all songs that I found and enjoyed or reminded me of that particular month. Not only has this served as nostalgic when I’m flipping through playlists, but a great way for me to keep my music organized. Below, I will be sharing my entire July 2018 playlist with you as well as highlighting some of my favorites this month!


1. “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” by Panic! At the Disco

One of my favorite musicians ever is Brendon Urie, or Panic! At The Disco. His newest album came out at the end of June, so it was no surprise that a handful of his songs were found in this month’s playlist. While a majority of the songs in this album were featured in June’s playlist, this song was one that I found a little bit later.


2. The City by Louis the Child & Quinn XCII

I am a huge fan of both LTC and Quinn, so I was beyond thrilled to see that both had collaborated on this song. This song definitely reminds me of a song that would be played during the summer, and for me, it definitely was! I absolutely love the beat of this song and this duo was definitely one that needs to collaborate again!


3. designer by gianni & kyle

Unlike the first two songs, I had actually never heard of this artist before! I came across this song in my Spotify Discover, and absolutely loved the tune. It has the vibe of a catchy pop song and is one that I’ve definitely enjoyed blasting in my car through out the month! Since I rarely go through my Spotify Discover, this could be a sign that I need to revisit the premade playlist more often!


4. Life Changes by Thomas Rhett

While I do go to school in the South, I’ll admit I’m not a huge country fan. However, from time to time, I end up finding a song or two that I enjoy from this genre. If I had to pick my favorite country artist however, it would be Thomas Rhett. His songs tend to be more of a mix between pop and country and I love the tune as well as his lyrics. I actually found this song from an Instagram Story and loved it!


5. No Brainer by DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Quavo

Although this song was just released in July, it gave me “last summer vibes”. Sound familar? It’s because it’s from the same group that released I’m the One” last May. This song brought back memories from my prom and high school graduation and definitely made me crave an “After Prom Weekend Trip”! This song definitely makes for the perfect end of summer hit, and I’m excited to see if they’ll relase a 3rd hit sometime soon!


Honorable Mentions:

While I only highlighted 5 songs that were particular favorites of mine this month, here are some of my other favorites that I found myself hitting the replay button on:

Satisfied – Galantis feat. Max

Sunny Nights – LeRoyce

Waves – Kanye West

Champion – NAV and Travis Scott

Taste – Tyga


For the rest of my playlist this month, check out the link down below:


What were some of your music favorites this month? Let me know in the comments below.


xo, e.



Book Review: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Something I’ve always been passionate about, but find that I never have enough time for is taking time out of my day to read a good book. While I haven’t been able to read as much as I would have liked so far this summer, I still have read a few books here and there. Earlier this month, I ended up reading the novel To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han, only to find out that it was soon to become a Netflix movie! From start to finish, this book was incredibly easy to read and get into. Every time I would pick it up, I found myself having trouble putting it down!

The book centers around high-schooler Lara Jean Covey, who has written letters to all 5 boys she’s loved in her life. She puts each of these 5 letters into a hatbox that her mother had given to her as a child. One day, Lara Jean notices that her hatbox is missing as well as all 5 letters, and soon finds that they’ve been mailed out! One of the letters written was for Josh Sanderson, Lara Jean’s next door neighbor. Josh happens to be dating Lara Jean’s older sister, Margot, who has just left for college out-of-country. While Lara Jean has liked Josh for some time, neither Josh or Margot has ever known about Lara Jean’s feelings. To hide any current feelings she may have, Lara Jean looks to another boy who received a letter, Peter Kavinsky. Peter is one of the most popular boys in school and also happened to be Lara Jean’s first kiss. The two of them devise a plan to create a fake relationship between the two of them, both with their own motives. Lara Jean’s being that she wants to prove she doesn’t have any feelings for Josh, and Peter’s being that he wants to show that he is over his recent ex-girlfriend, Genevieve. The book centers around their developing “relationship” and is overall a very interesting read!

Upon finishing this book, I can honestly say this may be one of my favorite books I’ve read. Lara Jean is a very relatable character and I definitely feel that much of this book’s audience can identify with her. I’m very excited to see how Netflix adapts this movie and how the two compare! If you are interested in seeing this movie, or just want to read this book in general, I 100% recommend you do! This book is also part of a trilogy, meaning there are two more books afterward! I am currently reading the sequel, P.S. I Love You, now! Have you read this novel, or plan to? Let me know in the comments below!


xo, e.

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Inside my Suite-style Dorm at The University of Alabama:

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be a sharing a video off of my Youtube where I give you a tour of my dorm at The University of Alabama here. The dorm I lived in was Riverside North, and it features 4 individual rooms, two bathrooms, two sink areas, a living room, and a kitchenette. I absolutely loved living here my freshman year! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or message me!

xo, e.




the saturday splurge: inside the nordstrom’s anniversary sale!

it’s that time of year again! as you’ve probably seen from several different blogs, the nordstrom’s anniversary sale is back! this year, i shopped early access and was so excited to find so many cute things. here’s a little haul of the things i was able to pick up at this year’s sale!


the print strappy slip dress


Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 5.18.36 PM.png

i’m absolutely in love with this dress! the cut-out detailing is super in this season and this dress is the perfect example of it. this dress is great for the remainder of the summer but can also be great for the start of fall with a cute little cardigan or jacket over it!


navy dusk peplum top


Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 5.23.44 PM.png

this top is an excellent basic piece for your wardrobe. i love the light navy color as it could pair very well with so many different colors! again, this piece could be very versatile for many different seasons, especially down south! this top would look so cute underneath a nice blazer!


ripped crop skinny jeans


Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 5.30.20 PM

i’m so excited to pull these adorable jeans out for fall! from the ripped accents to the fraying at the bottom, these jeans are perfect for a day out. ever since the frayed bottom trend has come out, i’ve been dying to get a pair of my own and was so excited when i saw these on sale! when trying them on, they fit absolutely perfect at the ankles which is always my biggest issue with jeans. this pair is a must-have!


topshop faux leather skirt


Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 5.38.04 PM.png

this topshop skirt is super cute and is quite the steal at just under $40.00! i can’t wait to wear this skirt during the chilly fall and winter nights. it’ll look super cute paired with either a nice pair of boots or a cute little pair of heeled booties! this skirt is super versatile and can dress up any look!


french terry hoodie dress


Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 5.41.58 PM.png

finishing out the haul is a personal favorite of mine. while this dress may seem pretty basic, i found this to be a super unique piece that could be dressed up or down. i love the idea of the hoodie dress and i’m obsessed with the olive color which is perfect for fall! this dress would look super cute with adidas for a day out if you are wanting to keep the look super casual.


well there we have it, a sneak peek of the nordstrom’s anniversary sale! this sale opens up to the public (those without a nordstrom card) on july 21st and i highly recommend checking it out if you have the time! i hope you enjoyed this haul and feel free to leave your thoughts down below!

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.18.59 PM


neutral bedding for your dorm room

neutral bedding_cityandsouth1/2/3


  1. Ruched Rosette Quilt from PB Teen $109 – This quilt is perfect if you want your bedding to be a solid color but want a little design! The sewn-on flower design makes for the perfect touch. This specific quilt is also available in several different colors ranging from teal to white!
  2. Printed Damask Comforter from Simply Shabby Chic for Target $71.99 – This comforter is great if you want a little bit of color and pattern, but nothing too over the top! The pastel colors and flowery design make for the perfect combo if you want your dorm to focus around the bedding.
  3. Jersey Speckled Quilt from PB Teen $99.99 – I love this quilt because of how minimalistic it is! The tufts are the perfect addition to the light grey material.
  4. Madison Pinch Pleat from Target $67.99 – This bedding is perfect for those on a budget. The specific style is available in several colors and also keeps up with the tufted trend seen on this post as well as what’s in trend for bedding!
  5. Emily & Meritt Cabana Stripe Duvet from PB Teen $89 – The bedding from PB Teen’s new Emily & Meritt collection does not disappoint! While only one of their pieces is shown in this post, they had several more super cute designs! I love this one because of how unique it is and I absolutely love the matching throw pillow to go with it! This bedding is great for if you want to mix patterns or love a bold look for your dorm.
  6. Brooklyn Loom Jackson Pleat Duvet from Bed Bath and Beyond $149 – This bedding is my favorite and will most likely be the one I go with for my dorm (but in grey! 🙂 ) I absolutely love how versatile this duvet is as well as the material used! The triangle tufting is so unique but can go with many different pillows if you want to add to the look!


Well, that’s all for today’s post! Let me know if you plan on looking into any of these for your dorm or room as well as leave content you’d like to see on this blog down below!

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.18.59 PM.png